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Startpage // How to add quiz walks?

How to create questions and quiz walks?

We have created a video that shows how to create questions and quiz walks when you are signed into this site. You create questions and quiz walks under my pages.

When you create a quiz walk, you can choose among all the questions that have been created on and you do not need to create your own questions to create a quiz walk. If you have created questions that you or someone else have used in a quiz walk then you can not delete these questions.

When you create a new quiz walk, click on the map to mark out a starting position for the quiz walk. You can add questions when the quiz walk has been created. To add questions to the quiz walk, click on the button labeled with "Questions" that can be found next to the title of the quiz walk in the list. A question that you add to the quiz walk will be added to the start position on the map, drag the question with the mouse to place it on the correct position of the map. You can delete a question by clicking on it on the map and select "OK" in the window that pops up.