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Stockholm, Djurgården | Quiz Walk

By: A Name Not Yet Taken AB | Start date: 19 October 2015 | End date: 31 December 2080
Country: Sweden | City: Stockholm | Pageviews: 2718 | Questions: 10
This is a quiz walk with 10 questions that will take you from Djurgårdsbron (bridge) to Waldemarsudde (headland) on Djurgården in Stockholm. The quiz walk begins at the end of the bridge to Djurgården, then you go past Skansen (Zoo) and Rosendals Trädgård (garden) towards Blockhusudden (headland).

Blockhusudden is the most eastern cape of the island of Djurgården in Stockholm and there was a blockhouse during Gustav Vasa's time, this house was used to defend Stockholm. The walk ends at Waldemarsudde, which is an area with historic buildings, surrounded by water on three sides.
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