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Malmö, Bulltoftaparken

Questions: 10 | Views: 3 328 | City: Malmö | Country: Sweden

This is a quiz walk with 10 questions that go through Bulltoftaparken (park) in Malmo. Bulltofta recreation area was built in the 1980s on the initiative of two landscape architect students. The park area is situated on part of what until 1972 was Bulltofta airfields and all walkways and bike lanes are built with materials from the old airport.

The park is divided into three zones. The Nature Zone constitute the largest zone in the park and consists of deciduous forests, groves, dry meadows, wet meadows, ponds and flower meadows. The park zone has a more traditional parkland which includes allotments and an arboretum. The sports zone consists of ball fields and a fitness center.


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